Butterfly Posture (Bhadrasana) | Yoga Mystic

Bhadrasana improves sexual performance considerably and its regular practice tones up nerves, muscles and circulatory system of the perineum and the genital organs in both men and women. Performing Bhadrasana properly, could help in curing premature ejaculation and maintaining erection of penis in males during coitus for a considerable length of time. It also strengthens the circulatory and neuromuscular system of female euro-genital organs and improves chances of conception.

Technique: Sit with both your legs fully stretched out and then fold both legs simultaneously ensuring that the soles of your feet touch each other all along. Hold the feet with both hands and draw them nearer to your body trying to touch the genitals with your heels. Press both knees so that they touch the floor. Keep the upper part of the body and neck erect. Keep both hands on respective knees. With your hands you may swing your legs up and down as many times as you feel comfortable. Remain in this posture for 5 to 10 minutes and remember this posture can be repeated 4 to 5 times to get good results.

Tomorrow: Seal Posture (Mudrasana), stay tuned.


  1. ravinder // August 22, 2009 at 1:58 PM  

    This is not called bhadrasan, plz put the correct asan instead of this one.