Peacock Posture (Mayurasana) | Yoga Mystic

Consistent practice of Mayurasana activates the sex glands, strengthens the semen and spermatozoa and corrects menstrual disorders in women. After few months of practice one can achieve a total orgasm at the time of intercourse. It is also helpful in toning up the sex centre in the spine and helps to cure congestion of one's vagina.

Technique: Kneel down on the carpet and rest your palms on it facing downwards. Keep your hands firm and bring down your abdomen so that it presses against the elbows. Stretch your legs back and now raise them off the ground balancing at your abdomen on the support formed by the elbows. Remain in this posture for 25 to 28 seconds and return to the original position. This asana is not so easy and learning to balance will take at least three months.

Tomorrow:Butterfly Posture (Bhadrasana), stay tuned.