Plough Posture (Halasana) | Yoga Mystic

Halasana is one of the best asanas to sublimate sexual energies as its daily practice makes men and women's genetic parts stronger and active. Female problems during menstruation and menopause and some sexual disorders can be remedied by Halsana. It also invigorates and nourishes all the sexual glands and thereby improves an individual's sexual potential to a considerable extent. It also corrects impotence, frigidity and nightfall.

Technique: Lie flat on the carpet with your hands straight by the side of your thighs, palm resting on the ground. Slowly raise your legs together without bending at knees by pressing your hand. Without bending at the knees, raise your hips higher and bring your legs over your head and backwards till your toes touch the ground.

Keep your knees straight and legs together in a straight line. You need to remain in this pose for a few seconds, and return to your original position. Aged persons and those suffering from back pain and high blood pressure should not do this asana.

Tomorrow: Bow Posture (Dhanurasana), stay tuned.